Newly arrived migrants participate in the programme ‘Welcome to Skåne’ at Malmö City Library. Matilda Falck, librarian; Aseel Abbas and Ilham El Refai, SHKs. Photo Nils Bergendal


Civic and health communication is at the core of Partnership Skåne . Everyone has the right to make their own choices in life, but everyone also has the right to knowledge on which to base those choices. The civic and health communicators meet the newly arrived migrants in the municipalities of Skåne and convey basic knowledge about society and health in newcomers’ mother tongues.
The programme enables the transfer of important information, and provides a setting for dialogues about themes such as democracy, gender equality, parenting and health in Sweden. The civic and health communicators are professionals with personal experience of being a newcomer in Sweden.


Since 2010, civic orientation is a mandatory part of the introduction programme for newly arrived migrants in Sweden, in conjunction with Swedish for migrants and activities aiming at facilitating the establishment on the labour market. The civic orientation includes a minimum of 100 hours of education and it is arranged as soon as possible after the migrant has been granted a residence permit.
Having the prerequisites for good health is a fundamental human right and it is a precondition for being able to take an active part in society. Unequal conditions for good health is a growing problem in Sweden, where newly arrived migrants and foreign-born persons are a particularly vulnerable group. Health communication, designed according to the needs of the target group, is a recognized tool in creating conditions for equitable health.
In Partnership Skåne, the right to culturally sensitized health communication has been fundamental from the start and has successfully been integrated into the general introduction programme and the civic orientation. Through the collaboration and co-funding between Region Skåne, the participating municipalities and the County Administrative Board of Skåne, health communication is offered to newly arrived migrants in Skåne.

Skåne Health and Community Advisors A folder about the civic and health communication in Skåne.

MILSA National education platform for civic and health communication Brochure about the MILSA education platform. A national project focused on education and development of the profession Civic- and health communicator. The project is supported by the European Social Fund. 2018

Promoting Mental Health, Wellbeing and Parenting - through Civic and Health Communication in Sweden. Partnership Skåne 2020