Partnership Skåne  

Here you will find information material and the knowledge base produced in Partnership Skåne.



Health diplomacy: spotlight on refugees and migrants World Health Organization, Regional Office for Europe, 2019. An article describing the model for health diplomacy used within PS on p. 282.

Promoting refugees' rights to health and social inclusion: A systematic approach Article about the systematic approach within Partnership Skåne, published in Public Health Panorama, journal of the WHO Regional Office for Europe. Carlzén och Zdravkovic 2016


MILSA National education platform for civic and health communication Brochure about the MILSA education platform. A national project focused on education and development of the profession Civic- and health communicator. The project is supported by the European Social Fund. 2018

Partnership Skåne Brochure about Partnership Skåne, 2018

Promoting Mental Health, Wellbeing and Parenting - through Civic and Health Communication in Sweden. Partnership Skåne 2020

Skåne Health and Community Advisors A folder about the civic and health communication in Skåne.

Welcome to Skåne Brouchure about the project Welcome to Skåne


MILSA Anthology An anthology summarizing the first program period of MILSA support platform for migration and health.

Perspectives on the introduction program - Health and Well-being - Voices from newly arrived migrants. Report by Anne-Maria Ikonen, 2015