In the photo: A NAD activity where the Heimlich manoeuvre is tested at a first aid course provided by the Red Cross in Kristianstad. Photo Øyvind Sviland


NAD aims at strengthening the cooperation between the public sector and the civil society organizations in the introduction of newly arrived migrants, with the purpose of improving the newly arrived migrants’ possibilities for social inclusion in Sweden.

Within NAD, a method has been developed facilitating for newly arrived migrants to participate in various types of activities in civil society organizations, and thereby enabling them to meet people with shared interests as well as creating possibilities for social networking. Since 2013, a variety of ways of interaction have been developed and proved successful. The coordinators of NAD provide information and inspire participation, plan and shape activities together with local associations and, finally, match the participants with suitable activities according to the interests of the individual. All participation is voluntary.
Taking an active part in associations and public adult education strengthens the participant’s chances on the labour market through the development of networks, improved health or increased language proficiency.

NAD is, since its start in 2013, designed to be a constituent part of the system of cooperation within Partnership Skåne. The method is one among several tools essential in creating cooperation between the civil society and the public sector in the field of immigrant integration and social inclusion.
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NAD in Partnership Skåne is a joint effort of the Social Economy Network in Skåne, the County Administrative Board of Skåne, the Swedish Public Employment Service, Region Skåne, the adult educational association Folkuniversitetet, the Skåne Sports Federation, the SENSUS Study Association, the BILDA Study Association, and the Malmö Non-Profit Organization.


One of the sub-targets of NAD is for all the newly arrived migrants in Skåne to get quality-assured and individually adapted information regarding...

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NAD Establishment is the method used to match newly arrived refugees with individually adapted activities in associations/public adult education...

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