In the photo: A NAD activity where the Heimlich manoeuvre is tested at a first aid course provided by the Red Cross in Kristianstad. Photo Øyvind Sviland

NAD and TIA coordination

Collaboration between the public and idea-driven sectors is a central part of the integration work in Skåne and constitutes one of the cornerstones of Partnership Skåne. The method Network – Activity – Participation (NAD) has been developed since 2013; and since 2021 coordination of NAD has been integrated with coordination of Early Interventions for Asylum Seekers (TIA).

Participation in activities within civil society organizations creates opportunities for social interaction, to practice the Swedish language and to gain better health. Social capital, the ability to understand Swedish society, as well as the ability to understand and act based on health-related information, are all important factors that facilitate social and labor market integration; and which both NAD and TIA activities aim to strengthen.

The NAD activities are carried out as part of the Public Employment Service’s various labor market programs, while TIA is based on the County Administrative Board’s mission and addresses asylum seekers to counteract the tendency that asylum seekers become passive during the asylum period and promote a future establishment for those who receive a residence permit. The target group of asylum seekers and newly arrived will be broadened in 2021 to also include young adults and groups of long-term unemployed.


One of the sub-targets of NAD is for all the newly arrived migrants in Skåne to get quality-assured and individually adapted information regarding...

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NAD Establishment is the method used to match newly arrived refugees with individually adapted activities in associations/public adult education...

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