A happy collection of social and health communicators with their diplomas in hand.

Civic and health communicators from the first and second admission of MILSA educational platform showing their Diplomas.

MILSA educational platform for civic and health communicators

Receiving information about the society which you are living in and gaining knowledge of how to take care of your health is a basic human right, and a key component for a successful integration. This is the guiding principle for civic and health communicators working all over Sweden.

The MILSA educational platform is a national initiative for civic and health communicators with a focus on education, exchange of experiences and networking. The project is supported by the European Social Fund and the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs. The project collaborates with universities and experts in various fields, county administrative boards, regions, municipalities, and civil society organizations at both national and international levels.

Teachers from several universities, together with experts, have been responsible for shaping the content of the education. The education is mostly at distance, supplemented with practical training sessions and physical meetings.

Approximately 200 communicators who provide civic orientation and health communication in different languages throughout the country, are taking part in the education. The educational program covers 22 essential topics on all fields of life, and takes approximately 18 months to complete.

The MILSA educational platform creates a framework for networking, collaboration and exchange of experiences between communicators and other professionals working on migration, health and integration.

In addition to providing a unified education for civic and health communicators, MILSA is producing textbooks on civic and health communication and a manual of methods for communicators. The textbooks are based on the national civic orientation regulation and aim at providing a deeper understanding of the subject areas. The manual of methods is to provide practical hands-on support for the communicators in the classrooms. For example, it deals with how to create a safe environment in the classroom, how to ensure that the participants receive and understand the information that is communicated, how to approach and discuss sensitive topics and what are the limitations of the communicator´s role.

The work in the MILSA educational platform is built on civic orientation which entails a unique potential for newly arrived migrants and opportunities for integration, employment and health.

Film of the MILSA educational platform

Recorded at the Diploma ceremony in October 2019 after the first groups of civic and health communicators had successfully finished their MILSA education.

In-depth education on mental health and well-being

In the spring of 2020, the first rounds of in-depth education on mental health and well-being will be offered to civic and health communicators who have completed the MILSA course. The purpose of the in-depth education is to provide knowledge and skills to communicators to lead supportive conversation groups with newly arrived refugees who are experiencing migration-related stress. A film series has been developed to support dialogue and provide information on different topic relation to forces migration.

The pilot phase of the in-depth education will be evaluated by Uppsala University. The experiences of the first two pilot groups shall be used to further develop the working method and in-depth education, and later offered to more civic and health communicators.

MILSA Educational Platform National education for civic and health communicators, Quality, capacity and consistency in civic orientation for migrants in Sweden. MILSA 2021.

MILSA National education platform for civic and health communication Brochure about the MILSA education platform. A national project focused on education and development of the profession Civic- and health communicator. The project is supported by the European Social Fund. 2018

Promoting Mental Health, Wellbeing and Parenting - through Civic and Health Communication in Sweden. Partnership Skåne 2020