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Partnership Skåne is highlighted as a Swedish example by WHO

Publicerad 15 oktober 2019, 12:43

Today, the World Health Organization, WHO Europe, comes out with a book that sets focus on the health of refugees and migrants. The book contains a large number of scientific articles, including eight good examples that are highlighted from different parts of the world. One of them is Partnership Skåne.

- It is very inspiring and a great honour that WHO is paying attention to Skåne’s model, not the least because there are so many actors working side by side: Skåne’s municipalities, the County Administrative Board, Region Skåne, research institutions and local civil society organizations. It shows that collaboration on integration can bring many benefits for the newly arrived in their way to work, says Anneli Hultén, Governor of the County Administrative Board of Skåne, who directs and coordinates the work with Partnership Skåne.

A key issue for Partnership Skåne is to recognize the significance of health and wellbeing for chances to achieve successful establishment. The Skåne´s model is to offer all newly arrived migrants, social and health communication in mother tongue, a model that has gained national dissemination and scientific support. Currently, 200 community communicators around the country are trained in social and health communication. Several universities throughout the country cooperate in the education.

– The establishment of newly arrived and their access to health and participation, is one of the most important issues, when aiming at attending the future needs of competence and manpower in the society. The model that we in Skåne have jointly developed, has proven to be a very wise way of working, says Annika Annerby Jansson (M), Chair of the Regional Council, Region Skåne.

Download the full version of the book as here