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MILSA Education platform - first group of students celebrated!

Publicerad 11 oktober 2019, 12:54

A happy collection of social and health communicators with their diplomas in hand.

A happy collection of social and health communicators with their diplomas in hand.

On October 3, the first round of students who completed an education in civic- and health communication was celebrated, the MILSA education platform. Communicators from all over Sweden who have studied for a year and a half were present and received their well-deserved diplomas in Malmö.

The education is carried out by the county administrative boards together with several universities and municipal and regional actors. The common aim is to improve the quality, and to increase the equality, in community orientation and health communication, for the newly arrived.

- The work on developing and carrying through the education, is an example of how we, as a major learning site, together with other public sector and civil society operators, are contributing to solve central societal challenges. The fact that the newly arrived receive a quality-assured civic orientation and health communication in their own language forms a foundation to continued life in Sweden and a joint social contract, says Cecilia Christersson, Vice-Rector at Malmö University.

The education is part of the MILSA education platform, a national development project focusing on community orientation and health communication run by the County Administrative Board of Skåne. The education includes a web-based part focusing on social and public health sciences, and a more practical part including elements of physical education and practice on how to carry out regular information efforts for newly arrived in civic orientation classes.

- A common national level education in community orientation has long been in demand by many of the country’s actors working with this sector, and this has been highlighted in our meetings and exchange of information for several years. Common education ensures the high standard and strengthens equality in civic orientation provided to the target group. This increases the opportunities to meet future challenges, says Torgny Ängquist, who works at the national level with the civic orientation for the County Administrative Board of Skåne.
The MILSA education platform is a development project run by the European Social Fund.