Publicerad 4 september 2019, 11:02

One of the sub-targets of NAD is for all the newly arrived migrants in Skåne to get quality-assured and individually adapted information regarding involvement in associations and public adult education. In order to achieve this NAD uses a number of different methods, which are adapted to local conditions and needs.

Integration in Association is a method developed in order to give newly arrived migrants information and inspiration regarding involvement and activity in associations and public adult education. The method consists of a dialogue-based presentation where we provide information about involvement in associations and public adult education, encourage personal commitment, and give support/guidance to those who are interested in engaging in an activity.
The set-up of Integration in Association varies locally; it is designed in collaboration with municipalities and local civil society organizations all over Skåne. Available activity options are usually presented to newcomers in SFI (Swedish for immigrants) classes, but the material may also be used in other forums where newly arrived migrants can be reached. The presentations are either given by a NAD coordinator, or necessary training is given to local civil society or municipality representatives who then present the programme. NAD is always providing process support and quality assurance. There is currently a wide range of local projects and activities going on in Skåne via Integration in Association. If you are interested in the method, please contact us.

Become a member
Become a Member is a folder produced by the Malmö Non-Profit Organization in order to provide succinct and clear information about involvement in associations, in different languages. Currently the folder is available in Swedish, Arabic, English, French, Pashto, Persian and Somali. In order to access the folder, download the folder in different languages here

Welcome to Skåne
In order to provide accurate and updated information about involvement in associations/public adult education, and to facilitate a direct contact between newcomers and civil society organizations, NAD is one of the coordinators of the theme days organized within ‘Welcome to Skåne’

Association fairs/other forms of information and matching
The NAD coordinators can also assist in planning and carrying out more tailor-made information efforts aimed at newly arrived migrants, for example, association fairs, specially designed information meetings, or other local solutions. Please contact us for more information.

Guidance and matching
In addition to the above-mentioned methods NAD can also offer guidance/matching on an individual level. If you yourself are newly arrived in Skåne, or if you work with newly arrived migrants who need support in finding associations/public adult education: please contact a NAD coordinator in your area.