Publicerad 4 september 2019, 10:53

NAD Establishment is the method used to match newly arrived refugees with individually adapted activities in associations/public adult education within the framework of the introduction programme.

The Social Economy Network Skåne is responsible for regional process management and has signed agreements with five civil society organizations that deal with subregional coordination: the adult educational association Folkuniversitetet (north-west Skåne), the SENSUS Study Association (mid-Skåne), the Malmö Non-Profit Organization (Malmö), the BILDA Study Association (north-east Skåne) and the Skåne Sports Federation (south-east Skåne).
NAD is funded by Region Skåne, the County Administrative Board and the Swedish Public Employment Service.

The NAD method has been developed in close dialogue with the Swedish Public Employment Service, the target group and civil society organizations. The procedure has varied over time and place in different regional hubs, but the basis of the methodhas remained the same: NAD coordinators maintain a dialogue with local civil society organizations about activity options in the region. Newly arrived migrants who take part in the introduction program are informed by the Swedish Public Employment Service about available activities. When a person has agreed to participate, the activity in question is then included in the introduction programme. The participation in an activity is thus voluntary. In this process, a quality assurance is done of the contents of the activity, and the matching of participants with a suitable activity is ensured. The criteria for the chosen activities are that they should strengthen the participant’s language learning, health and/or social network. The activities should take place on approximately 5 – 10 occasions with a maximum number of 10 newcomers together.