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Civic and health communication makes integration more sustainable - watch the film!

Publicerad 9 juli 2021, 11:08

At a national conference in April 2021, 600 people were gathered to discuss how civic and health communication for newly arrived can make integration more sustainable. We have collected the highlights in a short film that you can find here.

The conference program highlighted many aspects of civic and health communication. Democracy, human rights, Covid-19 communication, parenting, and health as examples. At the conference, the WHO referred to the MILSA educational platform as a successful concept – a national training for civic and health communicators aiming to increase quality and capacity in civic and health communication.

See the conference highlights here!

The following persons appear in the film:

Hiba Qatanini, Municipality of Uppsala
Ziad Jomaa, County Administrative Board of Skåne
Katarina Carlzén, County Administrative Board of Skåne
Torgny Ängquist, County Administrative Board of Skåne
Andreas Norlén, The Riksdag (Swedish Parliament)
Elin Olsson, Ministry of Employment
Santino Severoni, WHO
Pia Svensson, Lund University
Karina Godoy, Public Health Agency of Sweden
Najoua Maniar, City of Borås
Christina Andersson, Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency
Anette Agardh, Lund University
Caroline Tomsfelt, County Administrative Board of Skåne
Klara Steinvall, County Administrative Board of Skåne
Ing-Marie Wieselgren, Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions
Erik Amnå, Örebro University
Sondos Sandgren, Municipality of Luleå
Josefin Wångdahl, Uppsala University
Anneli Hulthén, County Administrative Board of Skåne
Parvin Ardalan, City of Malmö
Ali Alabdallah, County Administrative Board of Skåne
Henrik Nilsson, Nätverket – The Civil Society Network in Skåne